Pinto Rosario Square


Pinto Rosario Square, consists of 36 exclusive high end Villas in Goa located at  Soccorro, North Goa. Inspired by traditional Goan architecture, Pinto Rosario Square is your transcendence to another world. Nestled amidst a truly stunning landscape and hills, the exteriors and the interiors of these Luxury villas in Goa deliver a perfect balance between comfort and modernity. By the side of some of the most green hills and superb flora, it comes with a unique openness that is extremely pleasing to the senses. Marked with international and traditional Goan themes, these villas expend tranquility across the entire stretch of the project. This results from complete understanding of investor’s needs.

These Aesthetically designed homes are in perfect synchronization between man, nature and in keeping alive with Goa’s rich architectural heritage combined with modern day comforts for a “Sussegado” Goan lifestyle. We have captured the rhythm, the passion, a spirit of romance and a feel of the bygone exists along with the Emerald landscapes.

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It is a country home fit for the designs of excellence.